Garant Cargo LLC has a rich experience in cargo transport from Europe to points of destination in Russia, both in individual vehicles and as container load.

Our consolidation warehouse is located in Poland. You can find the address and contact details of the warehouse here. It location has many advantages, and the most important are:
- low transport tariffs;
- significantly reduced cargo delivery time: 3–4 days from our warehouse in Warsaw to your warehouse in Moscow;
- fixed departure timetable (vehicles depart every Friday) which helps you plan and optimize your stock levels.

Transport of cargo in consolidated containers requires that the parties follow agreed terms as different commodity groups are transported together. It is essential to take into account the requirements of goods carried, expiry dates, handling possibilities, etc. Our specialists will select the best route to transport your cargo.
Our services include:
- transport of goods from any point in Europe;
- selection of vehicles depending on your loading and tonnage requirements. Vehicle parameters can be viewed here;
- preparation of export and transport documents (TIR, CMR);
- storage, processing, labelling and additional packaging in our warehouse in Poland;
- providing information about vehicle location using a special system;
- responsible storage of goods in warehouses in Poland and in Moscow;
- door to door delivery.

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