Sea shipping

Container shipping is currently one of the most popular types of transport from Southeast Asia.

This type of transport has become widely used due to a relatively low cost of transport, high capacity of ships and reliability of deliveries.

Garant Cargo LLC offers a full range of container shipping services.

Cargo consolidation in China’s major ports, such as Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Dalian, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Korea’s Busan, Japan’s Kobe and India’s Mumbai enables us to offer low tariffs on collective consignments and less than container loads (LCL).

All container shipments from Southeast Asia are dispatched using several modes of transport, direct shipment by sea and further road transport from the port. This type of transport is known as multimodal or combined and requires the correct and efficient operation of all participants in the supply chain. Due to the working methods of our specialists and our network of agents located all over the world we can deliver your cargo in the shortest possible time and at minimum cost.

Our services include:

- arrangement of transport using 20, 40 and 40 HC containers;

- preliminary ship reservation for a required date;

- execution of transport irrespective of terms of purchase;

- collection, processing, additional packaging, storage, labelling of cargo;

- preparation of export documents;

- provision of weekly information about goods location;

- door-to-door delivery.

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