Multimodal shipping

Multimodal (combined) transport is the conveyance of cargo using several means of transport. Multimodal (combined) transport can include transport by road, sea, rail and air. These means of transport can be used in any order, depending on customer’s requirements in terms of dates of completion of specific services.

Multimodal transport is believed to require the most effort and meticulous execution by all supply chain participants. It is essential that the entire process is executed by a single forwarding company, so you need to choose a proven provider.

Garant Cargo LLC is ready to become your reliable partner and our network of agents all over the world enables us to quickly arrange all the necessary procedures, so that we can carry out your orders in a prompt and reliable manner, such as:
- development of the best possible transport scheme and route;
- timely availability of a means of transport;
- efficient collection and handling of cargo in the country of transit;
- responsible cargo storage;
- cargo insurance;
- immediate conveyance to the end client.

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