Garant Cargo LLC is an international company offering a wide range of transportation, logistics and warehousing services related to customs clearance and certification of goods. We use sea, air, road and rail transport.

Our customer portfolio includes both major companies with many years of experience in the foreign and domestic markets and small enterprises which are in the early stages of operation and require more support from our specialists.

The professional competence of our staff and a broad network of agents enable us to handle tasks of varying difficulty and comply with agreed terms of cooperation all along the supply chain.

Our core business is cargo transport through the territory of Russia, from Southeast Asia and Europe, both LCL and collective consignments.

In our business, we follow these rules:

  • Responsible approach to each customer order;
  • Needs satisfaction at minimum cost;
  • Transportation arrangement precisely on time.
  • Depending on your needs, we can provide the following services:
  • Transport of cargo from 1 kg across Russia;
  • Road transport of cargo from 1 kg from Europe with consolidation in Warsaw, Poland;
  • Sea transport and handling of cargo in the port of destination until final delivery to the ship-to party in Russia;
  • Air transport with the shortest possible delivery time and collection of cargo from any place in the world;
  • Multimodal (combined) transport, i.e. transportation of goods performed with different means of transport. It is most often used in imports from Southeast Asia and the USA;
  • Customs clearance: support and assistance during customs procedures;
  • Goods certification: our cooperation with several certification authorities enables us to quickly obtain permits necessary for a trouble-free customs procedure.